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Dress Code

Keene Junior High School

DRESS CODE 2023-2024

  • Hair must be styled out of the eyes, not styled excessively (Mohawks, etc.), must be clean, and of a natural color; natural highlights are allowed.  (Unnatural colors include blue, purple, green, pink, etc.) Spray on / unnatural hair coloring is only allowed on designated spirit / dress-up days. 
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.  House shoes/slippers cannot be worn to school. All shoes /sandals must have a backstrap so they are firmly fastened to the foot. Athletic shoes must be worn on gym floors and are required for students taking P.E. Classes.
  • No bandanas or jacket hoods will be worn inside the building except on designated spirit days. Keene spirit caps only may be worn on designated spirit days.
  • No sunglasses will be worn in the building or on the head unless a student has a medical permit on file.
  • Pants will be worn in a proper manner and fit appropriately (no excessive holes, or any holes above the knees) – no sagging or extremely low rise fit allowed.  Undergarments must not be exposed at any time. If a shirt is untucked, pants or shorts must be pulled up to where the undergarments would not show if the shirt was tucked in.
  • Tights, yoga pants, or leggings/jeggings may only be worn under shorts, shirts, skirts, or dresses that fall within the dress code guidelines. This includes any tight fitting pants that look like tights or leggings.
  • Short and skirt length must be longer than the tips of the fingers when palm is flat, (arms fully extended) against the hips.  No spandex, wind shorts, biker shorts or boxer shorts will be allowed.  Shorts must not have frayed edges.
  • Shirts and blouses must be buttoned appropriately and the entire midriff must be covered at all times.  Shirt length should cover at least two inches of the top of the bottom garment being worn when arms are at the side.
  • No tank tops, shirts with sleeves removed, see-through or mesh outerwear, low cut blouses, halter tops, or crop tops are allowed.  All tops must have fitted armpits; a minimum of two and one half inch strap width is required; no undergarments may show. 
  • Clothing or accessories, including backpacks, that reflect, suggest, or promote either in symbol or words any suggestive, offensive, obscene, risqué, gang related, antisocial behavior, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gambling, or drugs may not be worn.
  • Body and facial piercing of exposed areas, except for the ears, will not be allowed.  Covering the piercing with a band-aid or any other substance is not acceptable.  (This includes spacers or clear plugs)
  • Facial hair must be well groomed and neatly trimmed.
  • Blankets are not to be brought to class or worn as outer garments. 
  • Other items considered inappropriate for school include but are not limited to the following:
  1. Tattoos must be covered at school events
  2. No gauges allowed
  3. No tapers or sharp objects allowed in the ears
  4. Any current trends, fads, or styles deemed a distraction by staff or administration
  • Keene ISD dress code will be in effect for all school functions.
The principal has the final say on all dress code decisions